Three hop bines grew a foot in one day.

    Hop Bines Grew a Foot In 1 Day

    Saturday May 9th we had a sunny warm day.  I checked on the hops in the morning and later in the day, they grew about 12 inches!  I did not get up on a ladder with a tape measure to measure them. I used the usual estimate from the ground by counting siding boards – 12 inches each.  The tops of the bines were an additional board high since I scanned them in the morning!

    So far the only fertilizing I have done is sprinkle Azomite around each hop crown / root stock and foiliar feed and water the Azomite into the ground with a fish emulsion and kelp fertilizer in water.  Both are organic and apparently the hops responded very well according to their growth.

    These bines will easily top out by mid month, May 15th even though it is supposed to be cloudy and some rain the next 5 days.  The Magnum are currently 11 feet tall with 4 feet to the top to go.  The Nugget are also 11 feet tall with 2 feet to go to top out.  The Cascade hops are lagging at 8 feet tall and 5 feet to reach the top of their rope.  If any of the 3 varieties do not top out by the 15th, it will be the Cascade hops.

    Left to right are Nugget, Magnum and Cascade hop bines.  I will probably hit them with Miracle Gro once they top out(the one time I stray from pure organic fertilizers).  I will spread some more Azomite on the ground after a few hard rains and cover it with compost.

    Azomite minerals and fish emulsion with kelp fertilizer

    Azomite, Fish Emulsion and Kelp Fertilizer

    I will try to post in a couple weeks after the hop bines have topped out and they start sending out lateral growth.


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    Magnum bines at 3 feet tall.


    We had a few warmer than normal and sunny days this week.  About a month ago, the hop sprouts just broke ground.  Then it snowed and got cold again – not conducive to plant growth.  Anyway, the Magnum hops are in the lead at 3 feet tall.  The Nugget bines are in second at 2 and a half feet tall.  Finally the Cascade sprouts/bines are about 2 feet tall.From this point on, I should see a minimum of 1 inch a day growth and up to a foot a day in growth.  I am guessing they will top out (13 – 15 feet tall) by mid May or before.

    Nugget bines at 2 1/2 feet tall


    I am adding to my soil amendments  this year with Azomite powder – a volcanic rock dust with 67 major and trace minerals for plant growth.  Most soil is deficient in 1 or more minerals, this will help replenish the minerals.  I also use kelp for this purpose.  Soil gets depleted of minerals and must be replaced to supply plants of everything they need for optimal, healthy growth.  I also use a fish emulsion fertilizer for growth.

    The weather is supposed to be high in the low 50’s, lows around freezing and cloudy for the next 4 days so I don’t expect too much growth until the sun returns.  There you have it, a quick hops update.  Hopefully the next update will have some impressive hop bine pics for you.


    Cascade sprouts at 2 feet tall.



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    10 below zero in March.March 5th it was 10 below zero.  Nine days later it is 60 degrees! Note the bottom right readout (outside temperature -10.8F!).  What a change.  This does not mean it won’t get cold again, it is not even officially spring yet.  Here in Minnesota we don’t plant gardens until about May 15th (generally the last frost of the season).

    Hops are very hardy plants once established.  Do not plant rhizomes if it might drop below freezing, they won’t survive.  My hops have be subjected to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and survived no problem once they made it past their first winter.  Here where it gets down to 30 below zero some winters, you have to cover the root stock with an insulating 6 inches of compost or leaves and grass.  Straw or hay can also be used as an insulating cover.

    Generally I do not uncover them until mid-April but we have been on an above average temp run for 10 days now.  Previous to that, we were abnormally colder than average (-10 is not an average low for March).  We’ll see what this season brings.

    I wanted to get them uncovered and see how early they will top out this year.  They usually top out Mid May to June 1st (15 feet high at the center peak of my garage).  I already have a couple sprouts.  Also, I had covered some bines (usually cut to the ground) and they have buds on them like rhizomes.  I had read about burying bines and they would send up sprouts – this proves it.


    I shot this video showing the sprouts and the buds coming from the buried bines.  It seems like a good way to replicate hops fast as rhizomes do not produce that fast.  After about 3 seasons, you will have sprouts / bines popping up away from the main hops crown from the rhizomes.  They travel just under the surface of the soil and self propagate in every direction.  Unless that is what you want, you have to trim the rhizomes back to the crown or root stock (careful not to damage it).

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